key ingredients

All of our products are made with natural ingredients that are safe to put on your face.

*Full list of ingredients are available under each product descriptions.



Tea Tree Leaf, Lavender
& Witch Hazel Extracts

✓ Shrinks Pores
✓ Reduces Oil Levels
✓ Anti-Inflammatory
✓ Anti-Fungal
✓ Anti-Microbial
✓ Antioxidants

Vitamins A&E
✓ Delivers Ultra Hydration
✓ Antioxidants 

Sodium Hyaluronate
✓ Improves Skin Texture
✓ Reduce The Signs Of Aging
✓ Moisturizing

 Shea Butter
✓ Non-Comedogenic
✓ Rich In Fatty Acids
✓ Boosts Collagen Production   

revitalizing hydrogel face mask


Green Tea Leaf Extract 5,280 ppm
✓ Soothes damaged skin and inhibits the free radicals breaking collagen. 

6-Peptide Complex
✓ Combats the signs of aging by revitalizing building blocks for collagen and fibers.   

Aloe Extract
✓ Provides a protective barrier that helps keep moisture locked in.

Hyaluronic Acid 
✓ Increases skin ability to stay hydrated and prevent the loss of moisture.  

6 Vitamins
✓ Protects skin from environmental damage and strengthens skin barrier.  

✓ Helps boost the level of collagen to improve skin elasticity and smoothness.