The first essential step in our daily skincare regimen is to cleanse. Washing your face with bar soap or leftover shampoo will cause more harm than good over time. Your face is vulnerable to UV rays, city pollution, daily shaving, and other dirt and grime. Poor skincare hygiene can result in rapid aging, acne, clogged pores, very oily or dry skin, and redness. Here are some helpful tips to help you adopt a healthy skincare routine and achieve your skincare goals.

The Proper Way to Cleanse

Using tepid water, wash your face in upward circular motions with clean hands. Gently and not too fast is the key. Friction is one of the many aggravators of acne. You can focus more on areas of concern and wash for at least one minute twice daily. Gently pat dry with a clean towel. Use a separate towel for your face, preferably a soft material like microfiber.


Incorporating a facial scrub 1-3 times a week will benefit your skin. It will maintain healthy pores, keep acne at bay, and remove the excess sweat and oils. Avoid using products that contain plastic microbeads or coarse natural ingredients. Not only do they negatively impact the environment, it can also irritate and damage the skin. Don't over exfoliate or replace it with cleansing. Doing so can result in wrinkling due to dryness, breakouts, and more. 

Finding the Right Cleanser

Finding the perfect face wash can be overwhelming. Rather than going down the rabbit hole, we recommend our Daily Face Wash. The gentle formula is free of sulfates or drying alcohol that can cause long-term damage or exacerbate skin conditions. Don't mistake tons of foam as a sign of effectiveness. Pay attention to the ingredients before you buy. There are websites and apps like INCI Decoder or EWG's Skin Deep that can help you quickly decode the ingredients.

Moisturize and Protect 

Nourish and moisturize your skin after cleansing. A hydrating toner is especially great for men since they tend to have more oily skin. Our Herbal Spray Toner is formulated specifically for men with daily shaving habits. You can repeat use throughout the day as a refresher or to absorb excess oil. Next, apply a facial lotion like our daily Face Moisturizer for long-lasting hydration. If adding a toner to your regimen is daunting, we suggest trying the All-In-One Toner & Moisturizer. It's a fantastic solution that saves time and does what your skin needs. As your final step, apply a face sunscreen, rain or shine. 


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