Centella Asiatica, or Cica for short, has become the ingredient of the century for skincare. Used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, Cica has recently been rediscovered as a cure-all ingredient for a variety of skin conditions.

Originating from the wetlands of Asia, Cica is a round, glossy herb rich in skin-healing nutrients. It is renowned for its gentle properties, and even the most sensitive skin can be treated by Cica.

Traditionally, Cica is used to soothe dryness and redness by repairing the skin barrier and relieving irritation. However, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties also make it a wonderful solution to ease both acne and acne scarring. It plumps the skin, smoothing it of fine lines and wrinkles, and leads to a radiant complexion. What can’t this ingredient do?

Even tigers use Cica! Tigers are known for rubbing their skin against Cica plants to heal wounds, giving the herb the nickname “Tiger Grass.” Tigers recognize Cica’s healing benefits!

Where to find Cica skincare? It is all around you! Cica has made waves in the world of skincare over the past several years - so you have a wide variety to choose from. 

As with all skincare, it is important to source products with quality ingredients that complement the Cica - you don’t want any irritating fragrances or strong alcohol levels to diminish its effects.

Don’t know where to start? At HOMMEFACE, we incorporate Cica into many of our product lines. Our Daily Skincare Trio Set and Easy Skincare Duo Set incorporate Cica into all formulas, delivering healing and hydration on the first wear.

Cica has proven itself to become an absolute staple in everyone’s skin routine. Don’t miss out on its bountiful properties!

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