Ways to Stay Active During the Holidays

Ways to Stay Active During the Holidays


Joy to the world, the holidays are here! Most people take leave from their work or go on vacation from school to spend time with their friends and families. Each family has their traditions like cooking and eating together, drinking hot cocoa while watching a movie, or staying warm by the fire. It's so easy to forget about staying active during this time of year, which is why it's important to find ways to keep you motivated to work out and lose the holiday belly fat.

Here are some ways for you to be active this holiday season:

  1. Get out!

Don't be a couch potato. We know that curling up on your bed eating cookies or drinking hot cocoa is okay once in a while, but it's a slippery slope. Make time to go out outdoors and get physical activity each day. Spend time with your loved ones by going on a hike, snowboard, or go mountain biking.

  1. Morning Workout

Working out during the summer can be a challenge when it gets hot and humid. Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and workout under the sun. Exercise increases energy levels which helps start the morning off right and get you through the day. You will also get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sunlight.

  1. Holiday Marathons/Runs

There are many holiday-themed runs and marathons that you can participate in to stay active during the holidays. Some events benefit charities and other organizations which is a good thing for you and your community. Invite your loved ones to join you or be there for your support.

  1. Family Time

Instead of eating or watching movies all day with your family, including some fun physical activities will help everyone stay active. Playing indoor or outdoor games where the winner gets a prize can help motivate everyone to move.

  1. Exercise Online

If you can't or don’t want to go out, then exercise indoors. There are numerous apps, blogs and vlogs on the internet at your disposal. Take advantage of this to try a new workout or find one that you can handle doing at home or anywhere you want.


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